Game Glossary

  • Interaction

    The act of interacting with your dragon and checking in on them. Each dragon's reaction will vary according to their personality and condition.

  • Luna

    The currency of Venerusa. The Aeon Group controls the distribution rights of Luna. The abbreviated term for this currency is a capital L derived from its first letter.

  • Boosts

    The direction to your dragon to accelerate. Your dragon will rapidly accelerate to its maximum speed, but in doing so, its stamina will be depleted. (On the lower right hand side of the race screen, you will find the Boost button. Tap this to issue directions.)

  • Wind Breaks

    An aerial technique that allows you to use a rival as a windbreak. Certain dragons may have the ability to calculate stamina recovery in this state and use Boost to improve acceleration.

  • Cornering

    The motion a dragon makes when rounding a curved section of the track.

  • Classes

    A ranking system that sets the dragons apart. Earning race points (gained in official races) exceeding a certain amount and winning the Grand Prix race of a class results in a promotion to the next class up. The classes rise from Rafaga to Rafaga Master.

  • Pairings

    The combination of a dragon and rider. The abilities a dragon manifests differ based on their pairing.

  • Abilities

    These are the abilities that a dragon and rider are able to use in a race. The pairing of a dragon and rider decides which abilities they will manifest.

  • Skills

    Special techniques used in racing. Tap the Skill button on the lower right hand side of the screen to activate a skill and consume the required amount of stamina.

  • Jet skills

    A skill that can be used in racing that temporarily allows for superior acceleration.

  • Barrier skills

    A skill that can be used in racing that temporarily activates a shield to rebuff rivals' attacks.

  • Breath skills

    A skill that can be used in racing that shoots ahead and interferes with the motion of a rival dragon it impacts.

  • Chaff skills

    A skill that can be used in racing that scattering scales, body hairs, etc. to obstruct the flight of rivals behind you.

  • Skill Board

    You can confirm a dragon's latent abilities here and then choose which skills the selected dragon will acquire.

  • Stamina

    One of a dragon's stats. As this stat improves, the stamina available for use in a race also increases.

  • Velocity

    One of a dragon's stats. As this stat improves, your dragon's velocity in races will increase.

  • Acceleration

    One of a dragon's stats. As this stat improves, when boost or skills of the jet lineage are used, your dragon's velocity will more increase.

  • Balance

    One of a dragon's stats. As this stat improves, a dragon is less likely to lose its position while turning at high speed.

  • Condition

    A dragon's well-being. Peak condition, good health, well, sick, and gravely ill are the five stages of a dragon's condition. If your dragon is in good health or better, its boost strength and stamina will improve. If it is gravely ill, it will be unable to race for several months. A dragon's condition cycles through the five stages, but it can be improved by using potions.

  • Health Cycle

    The cycle of well-being that each dragon goes through. Some dragons experience a long cycle and others short, while some have drastic ups and downs, and others are milder as they fluctuate from peak condition through to illness.

  • Breeding

    By breeding a pair of dragons, produce a new dragon that inherits the characteristics of each.

  • Breeding Rights

    Breeding rights with a breeding partner can be obtained by signing new members or purchased from the shop.

  • Pedigree

    A dragon's bloodline. Through breeding, dragon race, body color, abilities, etc. are passed on to offspring.

  • Sponsors

    A corporation that sponsors racing teams. By raising awareness in the invitational sponsored races, you will be able to sign a season contract with a sponsor. The sponsorships available will change with each season, and benefits from a sponsor and bonuses available upon meeting certain conditions apply each week.

  • Awareness

    Fans', rivals', and sponsors' awareness of your team. The outcome of each race affects the increase of awareness for each.

  • Team Emblems

    The emblem that represents a team. As a custom-made emblem is expensive, most teams use their sponsor's logo.

  • Facilities

    A blanket term for the various facilities within the Tower Ship. By meeting the building requirements and assigning a rider, a facility will become functional. Functional facilities will incur maintenance costs each week.

  • Upgrades

    Improvement of facilities. By leveling up your facilities, you will be able to upgrade and thus expand them and unlock new functions.

  • Stables

    The facility in which a dragon rests and recovers. By leveling up your Stables, you will be able to breed a greater number of dragons and the training menu for effective recovery will expand.

  • Lodgings

    The facility in which a rider rests and recovers. By leveling up your Lodgings, you will be able to have a greater number of riders and the training menu for effective recovery will expand.

  • Kitchens

    The facility responsible for producing food for festas. By leveling up your Kitchens, you will be able to produce a greater variety of foods.

  • Merch Stands

    The facility responsible for producing merchandise for festas. By leveling up your Merch Stands, you will be able to produce a greater variety of merch.

  • Confectioner

    The facility responsible for producing candy for festas. By leveling up your Confectioner, you will be able to produce a greater variety of candies.

  • Tailor

    The facility responsible for producing clothing and accessories for festas. By leveling up your Tailor, you will be able to produce a greater variety of clothing and accessories.

  • Stamina Lab

    The facility in which your dragon's stamina is improved. By leveling up the Stamina Lab, the training menu for stamina improvement will expand.

  • Speed Lab

    The facility in which your dragon's speed is improved. By leveling up the Speed Lab, the training menu for speed improvement will expand.

  • Acceleration Lab

    The facility in which your dragon's acceleration is improved. By leveling up the Acceleration Lab, the training menu for acceleration improvement will expand.

  • Balance Lab

    The facility in which your dragon's balance is improved. By leveling up the Balance Lab, the training menu for balance improvement will expand.

  • Festas

    An event that provides opportunity to gather capital for your team. Throw a festa in order to sell the products made in the Tower Ship facilities to visitors.

  • Fans

    Visitors who come to your festas. Which pedlars will turn up is determined not only by their preferences for certain products, but also the number of races you have participated in and the results of those races.

  • Pedlars

    Merchants who sell their wares at festas. Each island's pedlars will have different items or volume of stock available. Pedlars will vary with each new festa.

  • Race Calendar

    The annual race schedule. To participate in a race, you will need to register for the races you wish to join via the Race Calendar.

  • Race Points

    The evaluation points your team can acquire in an official race. By scoring high in official races to take part in higher classes, the amount of points you can acquire will increase. After stocking up a certain amount of race points, you will be able to take part in the Grand Prix race.

  • Race Point Ranking

    The team ranking by race points. At the end of the year, you will earn a certain amount of prize money and items based on the points you have earned annually, and those points will then carry over to the next year.

  • Specialized Training

    A type of training that increases the parameters for dragons and riders with special abilities.

  • Training

    A method of raising dragons' and riders' parameters by making use of the facilities.

  • Feeding

    Feeding items to your dragons. By selecting Feed on the Dragon Menu, you can select one item to feed a dragon from among the 25 varieties of feed.

  • Gifting

    Sending items to your riders. By selecting Gift on the Dragon Menu, you can select one item to gift to a rider from among the 25 varieties of gifts.

  • Syrups

    An item that can be fed to a dragon to recover from fatigue. This item is available in 5 tiers.

  • Fruit

    An item that can be fed to a dragon to increase speed. This item is available in 5 tiers.

  • Fish

    An item that can be fed to a dragon to improve acceleration. This item is available in 5 tiers.

  • Meat

    An item that can be fed to a dragon to improve stamina. This item is available in 5 tiers.

  • Greens

    An item that can be fed to a dragon to improve balance. This item is available in 5 tiers.

  • Tonics

    An item that can be gifted to a rider to recover from fatigue. This item is available in 5 tiers.

  • Desserts

    An item that can be gifted to a rider to increase speed. This item is available in 5 tiers.

  • Seafood

    An item that can be gifted to a rider to improve acceleration. This item is available in 5 tiers.

  • Sausages

    An item that can be gifted to a rider to improve stamina. This item is available in 5 tiers.

  • Salads

    An item that can be gifted to a rider to improve balance. This item is available in 5 tiers.

  • Fatigue

    The accumulation of weariness that dragons and riders take on from training or racing. If Fatigue reaches MAX, a dragon's condition will decline more rapidly and a rider's recovery time will lengthen.

  • STM+

    One of a rider's stats. As this stat improves, that rider's dragon will gain stamina.

  • SPD+

    One of a rider's stats. As this stat improves, that rider's dragon will gain velocity.

  • ACC+

    One of a rider's stats. As this stat improves, that rider's dragon will gain better acceleration.

  • BAL+

    One of a rider's stats. As this stat improves, that rider's dragon will gain better balance.

  • Expenditure Reports

    The season's finances. This takes into account the salaries of your riders, expenditure for special training, etc., and is reported each week.

  • Race Medals

    An additional currency used in research and special training. Aside from festival proceeds and sponsor missions, race medals can be obtained as a reward for winning races.

  • Official Races

    A racing series sponsored by the Aeon Group. In addition to climbing to the next class up, you can also acquire the race points required to raise a team's rank by winning. Race points are only able to be won in official races.

  • Exhibition Races

    A race that offers rewards and can be entered by all.

  • Sponsored Races

    A race held by a sponsor that can only be entered by invitation after acquiring a certain amount of race points. If you are able to raise Awareness to MAX during the course of the race, you will be able to enter into a contract with the race's sponsor.

  • Grand Prix Races

    A tournament that can be entered by invitation upon acquiring a certain number of race points. There are three sets of races: Preliminaries, Semifinals, and Finals. To enter the Finals, you will have to place between 1st and 3rd in both the Preliminaries and Semifinals. The rider entered can be changed between races, but the dragon they are paired with via the Pairing Screen cannot be changed. By winning the Grand Prix, you will be able to ascend to the next class.

  • Union Races

    A special race in which three pairs form a formation (called a union) and compete against rival unions.
    This formation flight allows the dragon to fly at high speeds beyond its limits.
    Formation flying involves great danger and only a very limited number of people are allowed to attempt it.


  • Jet Dragon

    A term for riders and dragons who soar through the skies. Dragons use a gas vapor that builds up in the backs of their throats with each breath as fuel and expel a jet stream from a rear mechanism. With such powerful propulsion at their disposal, dragons can carry their riders at incredible speeds beyond visibility to the naked eye. The abbreviation used is JD.

  • Dragon Racing

    Dragonback races. During the Heaven Era, such races were held as part of a festival in honor of the godbeasts, but during the Sky Era, the Aeon Group have discovered the economic potential of dragon racing and presented it as a form of entertainment. Such races have become an opportunity for mingling between different cultures and different dragon species.

  • Racing Association

    The organization that oversees the dragon racing franchise. Amongst the Aeon conglomerate are certain hardworking individuals who supervise racing venues and support initiatives for rider training, etc., resulting in an all-round coverage of race-related industries.

  • Spiritus

    A force that guides the hearts of all things great and small. Its greater waves affect the forms and properties of all matter on a molecular level. While it connects the hearts of all organisms, it can also suffer interference from the emotions of living things. It seems that those who are able to see it to the naked eye observe a golden glow.

  • The World/Venerusa

    A planet that enshrines a tree of light comprised entirely of spiritus. Seven continents layer upon one another with each higher stratum entering a higher plane of existence. Furthermore, the upper-most stratum exhibits powerful gravity, causing time within the atmosphere of this planet to move 12 times slower than that which exists outside of it.

  • Alpina

    The ancestors of Hyuma, Mutens, Elfith, and Spects, who lived in the Heaven Era. Through their ability to control spiritus, they were able to raise barriers between the dimensional planes of existence.

  • Dragons

    Divine beasts treated as gods. The dragons who lived in the Heaven Era were said to be the physical forms of the gods, and those of the present era are considered to be subspecies. Their genes have weakened over time, and thus, crossbreeding strengthens those genes and awakens latent potential in each new generation.

  • Hyuma

    A race of people in whom the Alpina bloodline has grown quite weak. Though they are barely affected by spiritus, it has left an impression in the unusual coloring of their skin, eyes, and hair. Hyuma with a mark upon their brow have been possessed by a Spect.

  • Mutens

    A race of people whose genes have mutated to result in an unusual appearance. The animalistic genes of the Alpina remain to form bodies reminiscent of beasts, birds, and reptiles. Their senses are sharp, and their instincts akin to those of animals.

  • Elfith

    A race of people whose genes have evolved to result in internal differences. This race has inherited the majority of the Alpina bloodline, causing them to be highly sensitive to spiritus and its flows. Having greatly developed their minds, the Eflith are the longest-lived of the four races.

  • Spects

    The race most akin to the nature of spiritus. They are both particularly resistant to and proficient at controlling spiritus, and can speak with the souls of the departed. Their progenitor's body was lost long ago in the Heaven Era but he managed to prevent the extinction of the bloodline by possessing a Hyuma child upon the moment of its birth.

  • Divinity

    The oneness between a dragon and rider that grows through racing. The world of Venerusa is made up of the living realm, the realm of the dead, and the divine realm. It is said that those who are unable to escape the karma of past deeds and conflicts are reborn to the lowest stratum, known as the Mytos Coast. In order to reach the higher strata—in other words, to ascend to higher planes—the denizens of a lower stratum must race to improve their divinity in order to break through the barrier that separates them from the plane above.

  • The Heaven Era

    The era prior to the Sky Era. The first people, the Alpina, originated in this era. They revered Arcana Dragons as gods and were so favored by spiritus that they were able to become one with the hearts and minds of dragons. When conflict broke out between the Alpina, the dragons were entangled in it, and the planet itself was warped along with its Pagoda of God when the Spiritus Dragons fell. Diving themselves amongst the various continents of the strata over time, the Alpina began to evolve into several different forms to become the four races of Venerusa.

  • The Sky Era

    Following on from the Heaven Era, the Sky Era refers to the present era. Under the assault of the Spiritus Dragons, the planet divided into several planes and the few people and dragons who were left came together to coexist once more. The people of the Sky Era may look different from those who came before, but they all carry DNA passed down from the Alpina.

  • Arcana Dragons

    The dragons of Venerusa legend. The image that exists of them is that they took form through spiritus to interact with the world. However, as a result of the negative energies flowing into the Arcana Dragons from the planet through the medium of spiritus, the Spiritus Dragons were formed.

  • Spiritus Dragons

    The dragons of calamity who struck out against Venerusa. These dragons descended to the planet as the shadows of Arcana Dragons filled to the brim with negative energy passed on through spiritus. Having been born of an abundance of remorse, Spiritus Dragons are bereft of self-awareness and any sense of reason.

  • The Pagoda of God

    An ancient ruin formed when a great volume of spiritus took the form of a tree of light to pierce the land. Legends say that it was once attacked by the Spiritus Dragons. Its queer exterior looks almost as if it has been turned inside out, and the glyphs covering its walls tell the history of Venerusa. Its platforms correspond to the planet's strata, and the higher one climbs, the more foreboding they become.

  • The Aeon Group

    One of the most powerful financial institutions on the planet. The roles it plays in managing and promoting dragon races are many and varied, from scouting talent to providing financial support. Currently led by Matthias, one of Harvey's ex-teammates, its team emblem is the tree of life.

  • The Order of the White Light

    A Spect security agency founded by the Aeon Group. They bear the burden of safeguarding order in Venerusa, although recently, their funding has not matched their duties. The head of the order, Griff, doubles as the Racing Association's assistant director. Their team emblem is a two-headed dragon.

  • The Tower Ship

    A racing team's base of operations. Something akin a medieval castle turret fused with a sailboat, tower ships provide a mode of transport between Venerusa's various strata. They derive propulsion from a crystal in their hull called a flightstone, which converts the spiritus in the planet's atmosphere into energy.

  • Owners

    The head of a racing team. In principle, the owner is responsible for managing the team's dragons, staff, and finances. Although, in practice, most groups split the work.

  • Riders

    Someone who rides dragons. Anyone who participates in dragon racing counts as a rider, including trainers and breeders.

  • Breeders

    Someone who breeds and raises dragons. Only graduates of the Racing Association's vocational school may officially call themselves breeders.

  • Trainers

    Someone who instructs riders and dragons. Only individuals who have passed the Racing Association's qualification exam can officially call themselves trainers.


  • Waning

    Eleanor's scale dragon companion. Given to her by Harvey for her birthday on the year of her racing debut, Eleanor loves him like a little brother. His childlike innocence has won the hearts of his rider and her friends alike.

  • Shelby

    Kemi's beast dragon companion. Entrusted by Kemi to a fishing village after he grew concerned about the short racing careers of the dragons he raised. An obliging and capable partner.

  • Catnip

    Cana's snake dragon companion. The product of genetic manipulation, he was on the point of being disposed of by his previous owner when Cana rescued him.

  • Yaleah

    Leovarth's wyvern companion. After fighting together to survive the slums, he would defend his master with his life. Zoe claims that ancient blood runs in his veins.

  • Nada

    Zoe's wyvern companion. The pair first met when Zoe rudely awoke him from hibernation in a fortress in the Reclier Mountains, and they have been together ever since. He becomes instant best friends with anyone who feeds him.

  • Yucca

    Owen's beast dragon companion. He sheltered Owen when the young man stumbled lost into his den, and cared for him like a father. He has total faith in his rider and entertains his wildest whims without question.

  • Hohmei

    Sache's feather dragon companion. Appeared before Sache after she was disowned by her parents for her powerful spiritus and helped her find a new path.

  • Hayden

    Isa's feather dragon companion. A Christmas gift from Romana, who thought they looked alike. Sadly, they also share a competitive streak, so they constantly butt heads.

  • Nemesia

    Placida's snake dragon companion. Ostracized by the Elfith for his purple hair, Placida made a point of choosing a partner with a similarly unusual coloration.

  • Vanessa

    Romana's fairy dragon companion. Shy and demure in daily life but heated on the track, she is known for floating like a butterfly—and stinging like a bee.

  • Marnette

    Heather's snake dragon companion. A quick-witted prankster, he was originally an experimental subject in the Spiritus Laboratory.

  • Reducci

    Schiff's rock dragon companion. Originally owned by a bread factory in the same town as Schiff's workplace, he spent long hours worked to the bone before Matthias took pity on him.

  • Rockefeller

    Matthias's rock dragon companion. The Aeon Group's social infrastructure is built on rock dragon labor, so many members adopt rock dragons as partners.

  • Zanu

    Uni's wyvern companion. Nicknamed "The Wall" by competitors for his fearsome racing prowess, he is convinced that he is the strongest dragon in the Order.

  • Seth

    Mene's beast dragon companion. Although Mene has raced with many partners in her centuries-long life, she treasures her memories with each and every one.

  • Alpina

    Damian's scale dragon companion. Originally a standard-issue mount supplied by the Order, but Damian's training has turned him into a fine racer. He is oddly awkward around women.

  • Filo

    Willow's scale dragon companion. Originally a standard-issue mount supplied by the Order, but Willow's training has beaten her smartly into shape. She has a preference for male riders.

  • Rusalka

    Chanak's feather dragon companion. After he was chased from his herd as a hatchling, Chanak found him and nursed him back to health. A big baby off the track.

  • Evergray

    Sissy's feather dragon companion. Gifted to her by Chanak's parents to let her race alongside their son. As caring and gentle as each other, the two make a great team.

  • Yaya

    Theodora's scale dragon companion. Employed by Peconic Shipwrights to carry lumber. A hard worker, but a bit of a crybaby.

  • Deluge

    Petrus's rock dragon companion. The pair met when Petrus dug him out of a cavern in the Reclier Mountains, where he had gotten trapped by a rockslide.

  • Nike

    Vega's snake dragon companion. As beauty-conscious as her rider, her mood is only as good as her scales are lustrous. She originally lived in a snake cavern in Baralack Thicket.

  • Oasi

    Chigno's fairy dragon companion. He was signed into his rider's service as recompense for rampaging through his herb garden. A little spacey and very gullible.

  • Rannveig

    Griff's feather dragon companion. Griff bought him at a high price to save him from a sky pirate. He is deeply mistrustful of anyone but his rider.


  • Crown Club

    A regal racing team obsessed with defining and attaining ultimate beauty. Its owner is Fenam the Exquisite. Anybody who catches his eye is drafted into the team, bolstering its numbers. However, as the standards for beauty he heralds include one's soul and behaviour, Fenam enforces over a hundred bylaws to uphold this standard, resulting in members fleeing in droves every month.

  • Lurtos Monastery

    A racing team revived in days gone by. Its owner is Reletos Tiger-Heart. Their highly adaptive racing style applies traditional martial arts techniques from the Reclier Mountains. They say their core doctrine focuses on eradicating the evil within through stout constitution.

  • Rosa Nocci Firm

    A racing team of the Rosa Nocci Firm. Its owner is Gosta the Derisive. Though it was merely a promotional team organised by the firm in an attempt to advertise their products for little to no cost, it quickly became one of the most accomplished teams once financial rewards became available based on race results.

  • Snowflakes

    A legendary racing team spoken of only in hushed voices around the world. Its ower is Bunny the Ephemeral. A team comprised of riders accomplished in their own right coming together only when they share a common goal. The way they swoop in and whisk away victory after victory can only be described as flawless.

  • Salimah Group

    A racing team plotting the invasion of Venerusa. Its owner is Salimah the Profane. They are known to dislike excessive calculations, and so they rush into hostile territory head-first.

  • Yets Cult

    A racing team with a love for all things antique. Its owner is Wacht the Tranquil. They eschew putting their dragons through harsh training, relying on their riders' unwavering confidence in their abilities to compensate.

  • Yago Squadron

    A racing team comprised of veteran riders. Its owner is Yago the Evanescent. A wealthy businessman, Yago formed the team by assembling former racing heavyweights, although its members are free to stay or go as they wish.

  • Himmel Brigade

    A racing team that attracts laid-back riders. Its owner is Oz the Dogmatic. The members disdain competition for its own sake, but are so intent on avenging their comrades' losses that they have built a reputation by accident.

  • Gold Hopes

    A racing team composed of up-and-coming season winners. Its owner is Norro the Avuncular. Funding for a year along with a hearty contract payment upon joining is guaranteed, but this team requires its members to leave at the end of the season. This attracts racers intending to get a quick boost early in their career to the team.

  • Rapzendoll

    A racing team established by members of a small theatrical troupe. Its owner is Tippola the Puppeteer. Though they consider racing to be an integral part of their performance, they only do so on the troupe leader's whim, and so one can consider themselves to be lucky if they are among the audience on the rare occasion the team comes out to put on a show.

  • Team Espada

    Members of this racing team call the slums in the Reclier Mountains home. Its owner is Chanson the Calamitous. Considering the races to be the one place they can satisfy their needs, and with nothing more to lose, they play dangerously dirty and recklessly. Other riders find it best to give them a wide berth to avoid getting hurt.

  • Devil of Menebe

    This racing team is not recognised by the Racing Association. The identity of its owner is unknown. They are somehow not seen when registering to enter competitions, and can only be sighted during the race. Each of the team's members refer to themselves as Menebe.

  • Golden Executioner

    A racing team belonging to an unidentified secret society. Its owner is Coco the Masked. They have earned their menacing reputation and epithet Executioners through employing tactics which involve obsessively focusing on one rider to overtake and wearing ominous gold masks under their helmets.

  • Hoff Hound

    A racing team that somehow seems to always be around. Its owner is Hoff the Pilgrim. They are known as a team longing to be the best in every region, and their devout loyalty to Hoff's every command is often compared to that of hounds.

  • Tim Tom Dam

    This racing team is comprised exclusively of the sons and daughters of prestigious noble families. Its owner is Penelope the Duchess. The team strictly adheres to the rules of high society as established by Juanita, and those who fail to do so are subject to unspeakable penalties.

  • White Canon

    A racing team dedicating itself to the worship of the Arcana Dragons. Its owner is Saza the Scorpion. While protecting the temple ruins in the Shian Desert, they long for the Arcana Dragons' return, and so they race to collect funds for temple reparations to prepare for such an event.

  • Beok Circus

    A racing team run by the famous Beok Circus. Its owner is Kagaya the Tamer. Seeing a team comprised of members from every imaginable race and background come together and harmoneously perform great feats grips the hearts of the audience.

  • Quiet Wings

    A racing team that can trace its roots back to the past era. Its owner is Pele the Grieving. In days long past, when dragon races were still considered consecrated ceremonies, these riders—who were also priests—were allowed to exhibit their skill only on those very specific days.

  • Khnum Squadron

    A racing team comprised of very young members averaging around ten years old. Its owner is Khnum the Brat. This team was formed to spite the adults who've tried to take racing away from children. The Racing Association keeps a particularly close eye on this team.

  • Blue Phoenix

    A racing team that has overcome defeat. Its owner is Nayaka the Starlit. In order to save her mentor who had been ousted by the academy, Nayaka gathered the underdogs among riders to form a team and brought them great, unexpected success through implementing her own race logic.

  • Darkness Fang

    A racing team founded by the Breeders Union. Its owner is Howley the Verbose. This team aims to stabilize the market prices of dragons by showing them off in races in hopes of raising their value as a product.

  • Silver Eagle

    A racing team aiming to define naturalist concepts. Its owner is Maxi the Heron. They generally focus on fine tuning the rider's methods and condition to allow a dragon to realize their full potential. They are known to be one of the most reliable teams to watch on the race course.

  • Noazea Choir

    A racing team founded by the Order of the White Light. Its owner is Nehemiah the Elegiac. The team members are forced to partake of performance enhancing supplements as demanded by the Order. This is, however, physically destroying the team members, robbing them of a chance to realize their full potential.

  • Cheshire

    A racing team comparable to the esteemed Minstrea. Its owner is Dominico the Divergent. Each member of this team, through extensive debate and discussion in the depths of the Arbaro Forest, boasts incredible knowledge on how to race. They also never miss a chance to mess with other teams.

  • Z.Z.Z.

    A mysterious racing team that makes very little public appearances if any at all. Its owner is Hafsa the Concealed. After awakening from their slumber, they pop in to dominate a race, then disappear without a trace.

  • Floralion Family

    A rather joyful and merry racing team of gang members. Its owner is Yue the Fickle. The team members, including Yue, display drastic fluctuations in mood. As they decide on their activities of the day on the result of a coin toss, the once-great team the previous owner built has diverged greatly from its former self.

  • Black Canon

    A racing team dedicating itself to the worship of the Spiritus Dragons. Its owner is Laura the Gleaming. They have branches and communities of believers all over the world, where theories regarding spiritus are discussed. They also have an odd mascot character named Suppie.

  • Mad Furnace

    A racing team associated with the Mad Furnace Academy. Its owner is D'vosne the Paternal. As an elite academy known to produce the best riders, this team analyses each of member's strengths and weaknesses to allot them to their most appropriate position as either regular or supporting riders.

  • Faceless Ghost

    The most notorious racing team comprised of Sky Pirates. Its owner is Jose the Unruly. This team slinks around the laws decreed by the Racing Association, making proposals of gambling on races to the wealthy while stealing Luna and dragons from under their noses.

  • Naymunik Band

    A racing team full of retired soldiers. Its owner is Pope the Adaptable. This team can trace its roots back to cavalry squadrons from the past era when people waged wars against dragons. There are nine divisions, each acting independently.

  • Beshnang Union

    A collective of riders found on each island. Its owner is Santana the Mastermind. Following the manual set forth by the Racing Association, they aim to support and help to develop novice riders. They also find themselves responsible for reprimanding riders who disregard regulations.

  • Minstrea

    A racing team comprised of the Arbaro Forest's lower class. Its owner is Chanak the Prodigy. Formerly a rebel force organized to fight against those who exploit others. The team turned to racing after defeating the notorious Floralion Family.

  • Evil Mortal

    A racing team of fallen angels said to have come forth from the darkness of the night. Its owner is Archie the Immutable. When the young and naive Archie started up a racing team, people claiming to be fallen angels began flocking to his side in large numbers, enabling his delusions.

  • Paraditrio

    A racing team composed of local hooligans. Its owner is Giorgi the Lightning. Each of its members consider themselves to be the best rider ever, boasting of exceptional skill and willpower. To join the team, one must battle an officer head to head.

  • Orléanise

    A racing team associated with the Orléanise Detective Agency. Its owner is Zahle the Beguiling. They were founded to be an all-girl team proficient in gathering information and tailing suspects.

  • Varnath Sails

    A racing team founded by the shipbuilding company Visera. Its owner is Petrus the Blue-haired. The team was assembled to support Petrus, who aimed to defeat Harvey. The members have quotas to meet in terms of race results, and though they are a bunch of ruffians, their sense of solidarity is strong.

  • Dragon Racing Association

    A racing team built from the Racing Association's finest. Its owner is Griff the Nightbringer. Assembled to modulate race difficulty, the team is virtually never pushed to show its full strength.

  • Spiritus Laboratory

    A racing team backed by the Spiritus Laboratory. Its owner is Placida the Indigo. The team's activities directly fund the lab's research, so they take great care to please their sponsors.

  • Father's Circle

    A racing team bankrolled by one of Venerusa's three mega-corporations. Its owner is Zizzo the Hollow. Gripped by competition over who will inherit the company, conflict and backstabbing are commonplace, turning the sport of racing into a political tug-of-war.

  • Faithless Cavalry

    A racing team committed to performing acts of charity. Its owner is Menou the Saintly. The team members live modest lives, donating the bulk of their winnings to orphanages and medical institutions.

  • Lost Sheep

    A racing team on a journey without a destination. Its owner is Yabi the Sharp-tongued. There are some restrictions on inter-team relations, but rules are otherwise lax and anyone can join or leave at will. Those who have left, however, can never rejoin.

  • DRE

    A racing team of manufacturers. Its owner is Quinn the Venerable. All their dragons' racing gear are DRE prototypes to be quality checked before they make it to shelves.

  • Autumn Racing

    A racing team created by farmers, for farmers. Its owner is Zhenzhi the Red-nosed. As soon as harvest season ends, the countryfolk pour from the fields into the racing stadiums, where they drink the beer they helped to make.

  • Jessenia Family

    A racing team formed from a single family. Its owner is Diebert the Iron Fan. He has zero tolerance for poor racing, even from his own relatives, and anybody who under-performs can expect the belt. The eldest son, the strongest racer of the family, is currently hospitalized.

  • McMillan Dogs

    The private team of a dragon racing school. Its owner is McMillan the Wise. The school was founded by the CEO of Anbrush, who searched far and wide for dragon enthusiasts of all stripes. All-in on speed, their racing style is easily thwarted but not to be underestimated.

  • GSR

    A racing team made up of a guild of blacksmiths. Its leader is Bazette the Learned. The Aeon Group gives smaller guilds a tax rebate for competing in dragon races, so the smiths are all too happy to take the chance to hone their muscles.

  • Barbara Knights

    A racing team under the auspices of the Aeon Group. Its leader is Emma the Esoteric. Where the Order of the White Light safeguards public order, the Barbara Knights capture wild dragons, find teams to house them, and farm them out for breeding.

  • Raywolf

    A racing team founded by Eleanor's father, Harvey. Comprising Placida, Romana, Schiff, and Matthias, it has gone down in history as the greatest racing team Venerusa has ever known.


  • Deck

    The Tower Ship's deck. Wide enough to allow a dragon to run around on. The deck comes complete with a gazebo and other facilities fit for recuperation.

  • Mt. Tenrou

    Craggy mountains to the northwest of the Mytos Coast. The ancient Dragon Race festivals used to be held in the region, and hundreds of novice riders make their pilgrimage to the famous Mt. Tenrou every year.

  • Fishing Village

    A fishing village on the other side of a mountain next to Ciego City. Many who have retired from racing for one reason or another seem to find themselves there. The village's inhabitants have learned to consider it crass to ask another of their past.

  • Ciego City

    A port city with plenty of shops and restaurants to visit. The city is blessed with a temperate climate all year round, bringing thousands of merchants from around the world seeking its plentiful bounties.

  • The Ocean

    Scattered landmasses in a vast, blue ocean. In the distant past, all of Mytos Coast was connected by land, forming a single island. Unfortunately, the Spiritus Dragons' rampage shattered the island to become what it is now.

  • Menos Dunes

    A community thriving in the caldera of a dead volcano. Tourists come to enjoy its geothermally heated hot springs.

  • Dragon's Tooth Cliff

    Grassy plateaus with protruding boulders as sharp as a dragon's fangs. Famous for the fact that the legendary Harvey and his team, Raywolf, frequented these parts to practice their skills.

  • Ireen

    A town that profits from selling minerals extracted from the shores of the lake. With its pristine air and water, it is said that taking up residence in this town will cure any physical ailment.

  • Race Venue

    A racing venue constructed by the Aeon Group. Participants of races held here compete around the floating islands that house both stands for the audience and Racing Association branch offices.

  • Order of the White Light

    A citadel abandoned during the revolution renovated by the Aeon Group to serve as Headquarters for the Order of the White Light. Weapons used during the bloody conflict can still be found stored in its undercroft.

  • Ruberry Street

    A residential area at the base of the Order of the White Light's citadel populated by its members and their families.

  • Sluice

    A sluice gate built to manage the dam's water. The Order of the White Light exports water to other islands to finance their operations.

  • Lattea Park

    A nature reserve found to the south east of Janna Lake. The Hypno Channel it is famous for is believed locally to be a dragon transformed after lamenting the loss of its master.

  • Sea of Trees

    A region that is home to rare and protected dragons found only in the Arbaro Forest.

  • Kaminahim

    Once served as a barrier dividing the forest into northern and southern parts until Venerusa's continents were shattered and separated. A stonemason wishing to embellish what it used to be carved a path within the wall and developed it into a functioning town.

  • Withane Castle

    A stronghold built by natives of the Arbaro Forest. For the silk threads that connect and envelope the mountain of boulders that make up the structure, the castle is known as The Cocooned Spire.

  • Moon Reactor

    A stone barrow to the east of Arbaro. It is said to be the site where a palace of the ancient Alpina people once stood. An altar of that era was uncovered from among the rubble, and is now enshrined here.

  • Snake Mouth

    A swimming hole owned by the Spiritus Laboratory. The massive pit in the center is said to be a result of the great clash between the Spiritus Dragons and Arcana Dragons in the past age.

  • Spiritus Laboratory

    A laboratory dedicated to the study of Spiritus, established by the Aeon Group. The facility is constructed from crystals infused with Spiritus, and Elfith researchers lead by Placida work diligently around the clock.

  • Enoch

    A city populated with skilled artisans specializing in crafting racing equipment, textiles, and ceramics. Unlike the merchandise traded in Ciego City by the Mytos Coast, everything sold in Enoch is made-to-order.

  • Twoson Observatory

    An observatory dedicated to the study of dragons and the natural phenomena of Baralack Thicket. Staff members of the Spiritus Laboratory take up lodgings in Twoson Observatory, and local children visit often to learn from them.

  • Graveyard

    A forbidden zone in the western region of Baralack Thicket. A jungle research team commissioned by the Aeon Group reports that innumerable nests and dens of dangerously violent creatures can be spotted throughout the zone.

  • Blowhole

    As a result of the Spiritus Laboratory's experimental collision of two immensely powerful spiritus waves, a sudden burst of gravitational forces warped this craggy mountain.

  • Aeon Group

    Mansion where the most preeminent financial institution in the world, the Aeon Group, resides. Considered to be the greatest masterpiece of Canaan-Ur Julius, this villa is labyrinthine by design to test the worth of its visitors.

  • Rock Fort

    A fortress built into the eastern face of the Reclier Mountains. Legends say it was built by a Reclier king of the past era to serve as a secondary palace to live out his life in secret refuge with his retainers after his younger brother usurped his throne.

  • Melorotta

    A city situated some distance away from the Reclier Mountains. Melorotta flourishes by cutting and polishing precious stones excavated from the nearby mountains. Its people are known to work hard until evening, then party even harder until daybreak.

  • Dragon Shrine

    A ruin with an exceptionally dominating presence among others within the Shian Desert. The great oasis uncovered by the settlers on the harshly arid island is cherished and revered as the jewel of a bygone age. Beneath the Dragon Shrine deep within the ruin is the massive hotel complex Eschanal.

  • Arcana Temple

    An expansive spread of badlands on the eastern side of the Shian Desert. Before it was pillaged and razed by bandits, the Arcana Temple devoted to the Arcana Dragons stood there. The ivory pillars buried in the sands are all that remain of that once great temple.

  • Kinion, City of Love

    An ancient city to the west of the Shian Desert. With sharable natural resources being so scarce in the desert, its people had to maintain strict adherence to disciplined regulation and value, above others, familial ties. This resulted in hostile animosity towards outsiders who are ushered into living in the slums.

  • Ketsua, the Cultural City

    A cultural city hidden in the southern region of the Shian Desert. It is rumored that the last remnant of Venerusa's most ancient race, the Alpina, still can be found here keeping the old austere customs alive. Dragons frequent the land to the north of the city to rest their wings, often kicking up powerful dust storms.

  • Mio Castle

    An ancient castle to the north of Immorta. The many stone structures added on to the castle walls were installed and built upon to serve as fortifications for a lord who despised the light.

  • Ramza

    A once densely populated area in the central region of Immorta. A sector that used to thrive harmoniously with the water now suffers from the sinking of its foundation.

  • Finley House

    A castle situated in the north-eastern region of Immorta. One of Canaan-Ur Julius's works, gifted to the Queen, who longed for her native land. The way the structure nebulously emerges from behind the mists is by intentional design.

  • Hathoho Baths

    A hot spring found at the western side of Immorta. The entire massive spire is a sort of geyser, which erupted into being during the formation of the light vortex.


  • Eleanor

    The daughter of the legendary racer Harvey.
    Ever since her father went missing in an
    accident, she has been aiming to be a top
    rider in order to keep a promise she made.

  • Kemi

    A slightly unrefined Muten boy. Good with
    his hands, he switches easily from dragon
    breeder to tower ship mechanic. He watches
    fondly over Eleanor's progress.

  • Cana

    An exceedingly intelligent Elfith trainer.
    Bold and courageous, she shares a close
    understanding with her good friend Kemi.

  • Leovarth

    The heir apparent to the Aeon Group. Taken
    in from the slums as an orphan, he rose
    through the ranks thanks to talent and
    hard work. He is oddly hostile to Eleanor.

  • Zoe

    A well-known veteran trainer. Despite his
    untrustworthy looks, he has trained many
    of the best current racers. Like a father
    to Leovarth.

  • Owen

    An unsigned racer with a habit of chasing
    whatever strikes his fancy, much to the
    chagrin of his peers. An ex-member of the
    Order of the White Light.

  • Sache

    A girl who secretly harbors a huge amount
    of spiritus. She gets along well with Isa,
    but they struggle to keep in contact since
    Sache was scouted by Minstrea.

  • Isa

    A girl whose moods swing wildly. She
    suffers from an inferiority complex due to
    constantly comparing herself with her
    incredibly skilled sister and best friend.

  • Placida

    A former teammate of the legendary rider
    Harvey. Curious and mischievous, he has
    become noticeably more results-oriented
    since taking over the Spiritus Laboratory.

  • Romana

    A woman of noble birth and a former
    teammate of Harvey. While she usually
    comes across as quiet and refined, she has
    a definite stubborn streak.

  • Heather

    A woman who works as Placida's assistant.
    A natural researcher, like many Elfith,
    but so scatterbrained that she raises more
    questions than she answers.

  • Schiff

    A young protégé of Matthias, one of
    Harvey's former teammates. He was first
    scouted when Matthias spotted him carrying
    bread home to support his family.

  • Matthias

    A former confidant of Harvey. He took over
    the team after Harvey's death, but has
    since become preoccupied with his duties as
    head of the Aeon Group.

  • Uni

    A commander of the Order of the White Light.
    Her commitment to truth and justice has
    earned her subordinates' respect, although
    her pride can get the better of her.

  • Mene

    A girl of the Hyuma, a species said to be
    closest to the gods. Despite her childlike
    appearance, her wisdom can put adults to
    shame. Has known Owen since he was young.

  • Damian

    A member of the Order of the White Light.
    While normally exceedingly shy, he often
    butts heads with Willow over her desire to
    replace him as deputy commander.

  • Willow

    A member of the Order of the White Light.
    She challenges anyone who catches her eye
    to a race, hoping to grow closer to the
    commander she so admires.

  • Chanak

    The young leader of Minstrea, a team of
    low-class Muten. He treats everyone
    politely, but resents the rich and
    powerful, hoping to raise up his fellows.

  • Sissy

    A member of Minstrea. Abandoned by her
    parents, she was found wandering the
    forest by Chanak and his family and became
    a rider in order to repay their kindness.

  • Theodora

    The daughter of the president of Visera, a
    shipbuilding company. She once planned on
    becoming a shipwright, but began to dream
    of being a rider after seeing Petrus race.

  • Petrus

    King of the racing world after Harvey's
    disappearance. While he initially got into
    the sport for the money, his first taste
    of real racing lit a fire in his heart.

  • Vega

    The Racing Association's head of PR and
    Harvey's contemporary. She's shot down
    more suitors than anyone cares to count,
    but she has her eye on someone special.

  • Cigno

    Manager of the Finley House. Since
    reaching legend status during his rivalry
    with Harvey, he has focused on becoming
    the best merchant in the world.

  • Griff

    Assistant director of the association and
    head of the Order of the White Light.
    Old rivals with Harvey, but now focused on
    saving the planet from a certain dragon.

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